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  Talon and Abel find Bigg crouched on one knee behind some bushes, his gaze fixated on a bandit camp. Fifteen, rough-hewn bandits gathered around the fire while two others stood by a makeshift cage made from fresh timber. Within the cage stood a group of refugees, bloodied and bruised at the time of their capture. The bandit leader, a large wolf-man clad in a hybrid armor of skins and steel, marches over to the cage and extracts a clearly starved lion-man. Words are exchanged and it becomes clear that this interrogation is merely a farce.

  "Stay here and keep silent," Talon says to Abel, "but watch me as best as you can. Understood?"

  Abel nods as the dragon touches a silver broach on his collar, silently retracting the cloak into the collar. Large wings and a massive, round shield become visible as a faint glow from beneath the shield displays an ornate bastard sword. Talon moves silently toward the camp as he examines the bandits’ behavior.

  The mock interrogation continues. The lion starts panicking as the bandit's leader grows more frustrated. Suddenly, the bandit leader grabs the lion by his mane, produces a knife and slits the lion's throat. Abel nearly vomits at the sight while it only enrages the dragon.

  Talon moves through some bushes near the prisoner pen, keeping to the shadows until a door of opportunity would open. One of the guard bandits ventures closer to the bushes. Talon swiftly reaches out, snaps the bandit's neck and pulls him into the bushes. The guard's partner moves to investigate the sudden disappearance of his comrade, only to meet the same end. Talon then takes the first guard's post and simply waits with his hands behind his back, unlatching his sword and shield from the harness, but not drawing them. The bandit leader turns from a conversation with a subordinate toward the prisoner pen and stops in his tracks.

  "Evening, gentlemen," Talon says with a smirk. A silver flash quickly separates the leader's head from his torso as the dragon moves toward the subordinate. With deft hands, he shifts the grip from underhand to overhand and opens the other bandit's chest. At this time, the other bandits have caught on to current events and attempt to assault this intruder. The dragon executes each move with profound grace and precision, blocking blades and axes while answering each bandit with his own blade, shield or tail. Heads roll and limbs fly as ribbons of life are sprayed in varying arcs.

  Only two bandits escape the carnage, leaving Talon alone among the scattered cadavers. The travelers stand away from the cage's door in terror. The dragon produces a canteen and quickly washes off his body and equipment of gore before approaching the cage. A lazy swing of his sword slices the cage door free from its hinges.

  "I'm not a new threat,” he says softly, opening the door. "I am a protector."

  The travelers look at each other wearily before a little feline girl runs up and hugs the dragon around his leg.

  "Thank you," she whispers.

  Talon gently pats the girl's head before turning to the dead lion. "I'm sorry for your loss."

  "Sir," one traveler pipes up, a lioness, "Can't you bring my husband back?"

  "Why do you ask?" the dragon tilts his head.

  "You are a Guardian. I can tell by the marking on your snout," the lioness speaks, "Legends say that some are capable of bringing the dead to life."

  "That they do," Talon nods briefly, looking away from the lioness as his ears drop, "There is a problem with that. This man has been dead too long for me to bring back and his blood filled his lungs."

  "So, you cannot bring him back?" she asks, tears welling in her eyes.

  Talon shakes his head sadly. The lioness sobs softly.

  Bigg walks up to the scene with Abel limply draped over his shoulder. "The lad fainted during the fight," he chuckles, "right from the first decapitation."

  Talon nods and starts rummaging though the bandits' belongings. "I suspect that these 'bandits' were more than that. Many of them clearly had real combat experience."

  "You believe that these men were bounty hunters?" Bigg replies as he watches the travelers set up camp.

  "Not bounty hunters," the dragon replies as he pulls out a missive with a broken seal. Talon looks the missive over before handing it to Bigg. "These 'bandits' were hired mercenaries by Carravah."

  "Well, if this is the best that either city has to offer, I my just go elsewhere," Bigg chuckles.

  "Don't be so hasty," Talon smiles a bit, "This missive means two possibilities. Either Veh’tuh hired them and this missive is placed to confuse us. Or they were actually hired by Carravah, and that the city is under corrupt leadership. If the latter is true, then my contact in Carravah is a defector."

  “Cute theories, dragon,” Bigg states flatly, returning the evidence to Talon.

  “Yes,” the dragon chuckles as he puts the missive in a pocket of his cloak, “Two out of a whole list of ‘could be’s’ that can’t be ascertained until we’ve done some reconnaissance.”

  “Blast… I hate recon,” the giant replies.
Sins of a City - Chapter 2
"Missive of Ill Intent"

The plot thickens...

The fun things about this section of the role-play:

Andrew knows my sense of justice is predictable in certain areas. He set the scene up and let me have some fun with it.
In the original role-play, Talon does bring back the dead lion-man at a great expense of his power. The fact that Talon does this worked Bigg into a frenzy born of misunderstanding and lead him to slaughter the "bandits' backup" later on. These scenes were removed for two reasons. The first is from the realization that the lion-man was, both, dead too long and his throat being slit would have caused blood to leak into his lungs. Even if the latter hadn't occurred, the former would have prevented the lion-man from being brought back to life or would have left him so mentally disabled that to leave him dead would be considered an act of mercy for both him and his family. Bigg's frenzy was removed because the event that triggered it wasn't there anymore. Don't worry, you'll get to see Bigg in action later on. ;-)

The next installments will be a tad longer. @.=.@ The role-play formed natural breaks while we were doing it initially and makes it easy to separate into chapters. Currently, there's some tangles that I have to work around with the plot. Tangles that make a pile of noddles seem organized. Oh well, like the noodles, take it one line at a time.

Bigg the Giant is owned by Andrew King and used with permission in this upload.
Talon Laonar, Guardian of the Storm, is owned by me and used freely under my own volition.
Mandbrae Forest sang out with a chorus of sound as all manner of nocturnal wildlife awakened to the full moon. A gentle breeze whistles through leaves and the grasses of a neighboring glen like a gentle whisper. While only a handful of creatures comb their way through the glen's hair, one lone figure seems transplanted into this tranquil scene.
This commanding figure passes through the field like a ghost as its silver cloak reflects the world around it like a frosted mirror. This shimmering specter passes through the grasses near the forest's edge with soundless steps and silent lips. It alone knows why it walks along the edge of darkness.
It suddenly halts mid-step as the clamor of snapping twigs and crunching leaves reach its unseen ears. Emerald eyes glare from beneath the hood toward the forest. Loud breathing now reaches the figure as a shadowy behemoth steps out from the darkness.
The moon's light reflects dimly off the monstrous man's armor. His deeply tanned face shows his delight in hard work, while his slit pupils and red eyes speak a different story. The man's bloodstained, steel armor and cropped hair speak of one with martial upbringing. The massive claymore, nearly equal to the behemoth's height, glimmered angrily in the moonlight.
"Kuth mattar gu sakta," the cloaked figure whispers while the giant unsheathes his massive sword. Breathless silence hangs over the scene like a blanket drenched in blood. Emerald eyes meet with the human's with primal ferocity while the man rests the tip of his mighty blade on the ground.
"I'm Bigg," the man says in a voice both deep and gruff, "Tell me your name, before I send you to your ancestors."
The figure's eyes briefly flash with shock from such a direct challenge, then begin glow intensely. Clawed hands, clad in an emerald encrusted gauntlet, reach up from within the cloak's folds to pull back the figure's hood. The scarred, crimson face of a dragon appears with a small smirk. He stood as a man with his tail now waving through the grass behind him. A single owl calls from the forest while moonlight reflects off his golden horns and his black hair wafts in the breeze. The night's light nearly shimmers off the silver lining of the dragon's golden chest plate, enhancing the violet flash of a V shaped marking in the center. A yellow glow flares within the cloak behind the dragon.
"I am Talon Laonar, Guardian of the Storm," the dragon says as he takes a regal bow toward his challenger, "and the pleasure is mine."
"Before I spill your blood all over my blade," Bigg says as his resolution remains unwavering, "I must know why you are here."
"Divine providence," Talon says with a small smirk. The dragon relaxes only slightly, knowing well enough that this conversation could be a distraction. "While in route to Carravah, the air currents turned unfavorable to continue flying."
"You're not a bounty hunter then?" the giant inquires, "Then it's meaningless to fight you, unless you're itching to die."
"Not this night," the dragon replies, noting the assumption. "Do you own this forest?"
"No, I'm only here briefly for its shelter and food. I'm looking for a tavern or inn for a more extended stay between battles."
"Perhaps this is where the providence lies," the dragon states with a hint of amusement, "War broke out between the residents of Carravah and its neighbor, Veh'tuh. I've been called there to help resolve the matter and restore peace between them. If the evidence and reasoning for this war proves deeper than petty quarreling, then annihilation of one or both cities may ensue."
Bigg's eyes flash with ecstasy at the thought of war on two fronts. "I will accompany you to Carravah, then."
"Considering the blade you wield," Talon replies with a smile, "Your company will be most appreciated. From what I've been informed, the Veh'tuh are warriors who choose rulers by demonstrated martial skill."
"I'm my own ruler," Bigg states flatly, "If they try to make me their leader, then I'll just slaughter them anyway."
"Only as much as necessary," the dragon cautions, "for some may only change their minds to the death cries of their kin."
Talon removes his right gauntlet briefly to shake the giant's hand before they move on toward the city. As they walk, Talon draws his hood back up and conceals his form within his cloak as Bigg removes a cloak from his pack and dons it. Silence falls between the pair for a period of time, leaving the forest to pick up the slack.
Suddenly, the dragon stops and looks behind them. "It would appear you have a shadow."
A small, teenage human timidly emerges from the forest's edge, cautiously approaching the two. His eyes are fixated upon Bigg, darting briefly toward Talon. Ragged clothing, peppered in fresh soot, hangs from the frail lad.
"I told you to go home," Bigg says harshly to the lad, "If you follow me, you will die. By my hand or someone else's."
"Please, Mr. Bigg," the lad begs, "You know as well as I that I have no home now. I owe you my life and will do anything to stay at your side and help you save others."
"For the last time," Bigg growls, "I will not have anyone following me for any reason, especially under the pretense of me saving their life. Now leave, or my blade will be your next answer."
The lad watches with despair as the giant starts walking away. Talon looks on the lad, seeing what Bigg could, or would, not. He walks over and takes a knee in front of him, pulling back his hood and looking the lad in the eyes.
"There is no need for tears, youngling. They will not sway the giant's heart," the dragon says softly after the lad's initial shock wares off, "Tell me, what is your name?"
"A-Abel," the lad says hesitantly.
"Abel," Talon repeats as he gets a more detailed look over the lad, "Do you have any experience in combat or magic?"
"N-No sir," Abel shakes his head, "I was just a stable lad who looked after the horses. Now…" his eyes well with sorrow.
"Abel, stay with me," Talon gently shakes the lad to get his attention again, "Do you want to take this course with your life? Do you really want to become a warrior?"
Abel nods as his mind begins to focus in.
"I will teach you then," Talon says with a fathering tone, "We'll start you off with the blade in the morning."
"REALLY?" Abel's eyes grow big as saucers.
Talon nods and points to the stripe on his snout that curves under his eyes and nostrils. "This marking here means I'm a Guardian, a warrior chosen by the Almighty to defend the lives of others. It also means when I give someone my word, it's sacred to me, and I'm bound to my word until it's seen through or beyond my power to fulfill. I may not make you a knight or warrior, but I'll give you the foundation to get there. This road is hard and fraught with fatigue, bruises, blood, broken bones and emotional turmoil. Are you willing to go the distance, Abel?"
The lad nods his head so that his hair flails in the air. "You bet I am! I'll follow your lead to the ends of the earth to get there. I promise!"
Sins of a City - Chapter 1
"The Dragon, the Giant, and the Lad"

This story is an edited role-play between me and an offline friend. The original role-play is roughly 30 pages in its raw format. Since progress on the actual role-play itself has slowed to a near halt, I have been editing it when I reach a wall involving my writing that will not be published on the internet. Edits from the original, para/multi-para format include description embellishment, spelling and grammar correction, and minor edits involving ability updates from when this was originally written.

Bigg the Giant is owned by Andrew King and used with permission in this upload.
Talon Laonar, Guardian of the Storm, is owned by me and used freely under my own volition.
Well.... Considering the last time I updated this thing was roughly LAST YEAR, it's about time for an update.

As usual, things are busy on my end. Some of you already know I'm working for roughly 10 hours a day and have recently traded some of those hours for schooling in this recent semester. Intermediate Algebra and Ecology (fun classes, right?), both I've found rather boring for a couple reasons. The Algebra class is mostly review for me, but that's because the majority of the class didn't have a math class in the last 3-4 years (on average). The Ecology course is interesting, and I am learning things in the course (most of which are helping with something that will be discussed later), but a rather hilarious discovery is that I've been exposed to enough of the details of each sub-topic being discussed that I can see how things are working. Irony comes in when I ask a question to the teacher to find that she doesn't know the answer. That's when a different classmate usually gives an answer (and usually one that appears to be accurate) so the class and the teacher learn something unexpected.

With work, sometime mid-November, I got a job offer (yes, I was OFFERED A JOB) from the local Staples manager. The whole thing could have been classified as a divine appointment, as events went like this: I get off of work at Panda Express, already having had a rather rotten day, and get in my car with full intent to go up to Walmart for a new car battery. When I go to start the car, all the electrical systems shut off and the engine doesn't even turn. About ready to throw a fit, I call my mom and she says to walk to the bank (which was in the same shopping center) and then go to the nearby Kmart to get the new battery. While on my way to Kmart, the Staples manager stops his car in the shopping center driveway, calls me out, hands me his business card, and asks me how much I'm getting paid at Panda. I tell him and he says that he'll top it (it was by 50¢) if I work for him. With how the job market has been lately and the fact that the pizza place I worked at was going nowhere fast, I took up the offer and now work both Panda Express and Staples.

So, with working both those jobs at roughly 10 hours a day, it's been difficult to do anything mostly due to getting used to a morning schedule.

Now for the question...

A few of you know some of the story behind my OC/Dragonsona, Talon Laonar. A select few actually know it in greater detail. Here is my question to those still listening:

Who want's to help with a project they can use in a portfolio?

I'm mainly looking for artists to lighten the load on the person who offered his artistic talent for the sake of this new project. He's taken the lead as the Art Director for this project, with his criteria of being willing to learn and having some basic artistic ability (digital preferred, but he'll take what he can get). If you're interested at all (artistic or just interested in general), contact me via the following methods and I will grant greater details then. Respond ASAP please.;;

~Talon Laonar
    Guardian of the Storm
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Talon Cenru Laonar
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Love mi amor :icondragontamer1990:

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